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Pipeline management and powerful GP track record analysis

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Quicker, easier pipeline management to streamline the underwriting process

CEPRES Fund Screener is an easy-to-use pipeline and track record solution that enables investors to prioritize their forward calendar and underwritings and handle more GP track records in less time.

CEPRES provides uniquely credible, granular, and accurate 'look-through' data on individual GPs track records so private market participants know what’s in GP portfolios and how every deal has performed across the entire investment lifecycle.

This includes many operational portfolio company analyses like value creation, EBITDA growth, and other KPIs to better evaluate the GP's impact on return generation and risk mitigation.

Because if you don’t have CEPRES, you don’t know.

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Portfolio Management 


Analysis Builder

Unlimited data and analysis customization of CEPRES’ look-through data across all portfolio levels

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Due Diligence

Customizable, automated track record analysis with fund, deal, and operating-level benchmarking to enhance underwriting decisions

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Portfolio Monitoring

Portfolio look through, performance analytics, benchmarking, and risk analysis enriched by the industry’s best private market data set

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Predictive Intelligence

AI-based portfolio simulation and tracking software utilizing multi-factor and Monte Carlo simulations to forecast portfolio outcomes and improve ALM and asset allocation planning

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Featured Content

The PE industry has grown rapidly over the last two decades, recording an extraordinary increase in funds raised, fund size, deal volume, and overall deal size. But a perennial challenge – illiquidity – has remained largely unresolved, until now.

The Solactive CEPRES US Private Equity Industry Replicator Index is a new approach that provides return exposure to the return profile of buyout funds focused on North America.

This new replication approach, based on reweighting publicly listed equities, can deliver a similar performance to the North American private equity sector.

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Private Equity Asset Allocation Models: Why High-Quality Data is Paramount

Private equity asset allocation models are sophisticated frameworks used by investors to strategically distribute their capital across different types of assets within the private equity universe. Asset allocation decisions involve determining the appropriate mix of investments across various asset classes, such as venture capital, growth equity, and buyouts, as well as considering factors like industry focus, geographic allocation, fund type, risk management strategies, and liquidity considerations.


Benedikt Hoefelmayr interviewed at BAI AIC 2024

Watch Benedikt Hoefelmayr's full interview at BAI AIC on Private Equity Liquidity Management in times of ELTIF2.


Whitepaper | Private Markets Look-through Data

In an era of political and macro-economic uncertainty, access to granular and accurate knowledge on investments is critical to meet portfolio challenges and goals. With accurate investment data, rather than guessing, you can unearth deeper insights, detect risk patterns, and uncover opportunities that elude those using only basic financial reports.

Download our whitepaper as we navigate the complexities of today's political and macro-economic uncertainty.

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