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CEPRES helps GPs analyze the deal marketplace to unlock alpha and secure the right LP investments

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Accelerate your investment impact

We help GPs quickly analyze and share the deal or portfolio analyses that help underwrite single deals, set portfolio strategies or convince LPs to invest. CEPRES transforms the classical pipeline analysis and portfolio management into smart intelligence enriched with insights from our unique market intelligence. That helps GPs benchmark their relative performance, assess private market deal comps and ensure they enter and exit at the best multiples or identify undervalued markets with the highest growth potential.

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CEPRES empowers GPs throughout the investment lifecycle

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Forecasting

Demonstrate alpha to your LPs

Benchmark your investments against private and public markets to show LPs how you give them access to the best investments and meet their targets better than your peers. Analyze and drill down fund, deal and operating metric performance to prove your strategy to your LPs.

Assess private equity deal comps

Analyze market trends against your deal strategy. Analyze revenue and EBITDA trends and measure the value creation of market segments. Measure your deal criteria and choose the best deals by assessing trends in pricing, leverage, loss rates and more.

Leverage deal and operational comps benchmarks

Evaluate your direct investments against actual, relevant market metrics – IRR, CAGR, entry/exit multiples and more – based on cash flow data for more than 105,000 buyout growth deals, infrastructure, debt and real estate deals cut into over 560 private equity-specific sub-industries.

Maximize capital raising

Instantly analyze your fund, deal and portfolio metrics to identify your strengths and benchmark against your peers. Impress LPs with your performance and give them the analyses they need to underwrite their commitment to your fund. Build storyboards with multimedia content and share with your LPs.

CEPRES powers better private market investments

With CEPRES, get the deal comps you need. Compare your deals versus market peers — from deal returns and loss rates to portfolio company metrics, including leverage, pricing, and revenue growth. Without timely, accurate information, you risk losing the next big deal or missing out on a strategic LP that chooses another fund for their capital.

Our data advantage

CEPRES provides the most accurate, actionable private market data

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Helping a GP unlock LP capital commitments

Despite high-performing deals, a spinout team struggled to fundraise because the GP could not prove its track record strength effectively. CEPRES attributed and verified its track record in a private data room, enabling the GP to benchmark its deals and showcase performance versus peers. With CEPRES, the GP could onboard investors and achieve its first closing commitment. Since then, the GP raised a second fund — also leveraging CEPRES.

Thought Leadership


Despite Macro Headwinds, CEPRES Expects Private Equity Valuations to Hold Up in 2023

Over the past four years, private market investors have confronted three significant macro shock events — the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and 40-year inflation highs. As the market faces intersecting headwinds of geopolitical instability, inflation and volatility, CEPRES evaluated how asset owners are managing their holdings.


Private Equity Exits Tumble to Decade-Long Low as Managers Hold Back

Private equity fund managers have sharply pulled back on sales of their portfolio companies this year, with exits from their strategies perhaps the most visible evidence of a weakening market that has seen declining valuations, slower fundraising and other flagging indicators.


Venture Managers Hit Fundraising Record, But Warning Signs Flash

New forecasting based on recent economic shocks predicts venture distributions to slow by 2024, deferring into later years, with the peak drop of 79% coming next year.

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