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Unrivaled private market data coverage

In the age of private equity digital transformation, data is the new currency. Backed by operating company cash flow data from thousands of the world’s top GPs and LPs, CEPRES Market Intelligence helps private market investors maximize returns, reduce risk and uncover hidden potential. All while gaining a true outside-in perspective.

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Access the industry's best data set

Get every deal comp you’ll ever need. Customize your analysis at the fund, deal or company operating level. Leverage simple, intuitive reporting and single click analytics to get deep insights in a fraction of the time.

Understand the entire private market

Enrich the analysis of your own data. Combine CEPRES Market Intelligence with CEPRES Portfolio Management solutions to develop new investment strategies and measure your portfolio’s returns against the broader private or public markets.

Pressure test your investment thesis

Discover how your investment thesis holds up against actual fund, deal and operating performance comps. Use CEPRES's proprietary, primary-sourced data to sharpen your analysis and make better decisions.


With more than 10,500 funds and 1,000,000 cash flows, CEPRES Market Intelligence provides the most accurate, actionable private market data.


CEPRES works directly with GPs to source the data needed to meet LPs' portfolio goals. We verify every data point, down to individual operating cash flows, ensuring that 100% of our data is accurate, actionable and governed.


Leverage 50+ years of portfolio company cash flow performance as empirical evidence to make more informed investment decisions.

CEPRES powers better private market investments

Primary sourced data ensures unparalleled accuracy. CEPRES offers clients the most accurate, actionable and granular data – sourced directly from GPs, LPs and more. We are much more than a private equity database. All CEPRES data is user generated and CEPRES governed – down to single operating assets – to help you drive better investment outcomes and decisions. 

Our data advantage

We almost gave up on like-for-like benchmarking before using CEPRES. Now for the first time, we can really understand capital weighted alpha generation on the industry level and don’t need to rely on GP provided numbers or public proxies.

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Proving an investor's investment thesis

An investor wanted to prove its chosen sectors were largely protected against market cycles. CEPRES delivered risk-adjusted alpha analysis for their sectors with beta correlation versus relevant public markets to show how its strategy held up in varying market cycles. The investor proved low beta correlation and its sectors were defensive and non-cyclical, helping to underwrite its strategy and increase its target size for fundraising.



Private Equity Asset Allocation Models: Why High-Quality Data is Paramount

Private equity asset allocation models are sophisticated frameworks used by investors to strategically distribute their capital across different types of assets within the private equity universe. Asset allocation decisions involve determining the appropriate mix of investments across various asset classes, such as venture capital, growth equity, and buyouts, as well as considering factors like industry focus, geographic allocation, fund type, risk management strategies, and liquidity considerations.


Benedikt Hoefelmayr interviewed at BAI AIC 2024

Watch Benedikt Hoefelmayr's full interview at BAI AIC on Private Equity Liquidity Management in times of ELTIF2.


Whitepaper | Private Markets Look-through Data

In an era of political and macro-economic uncertainty, access to granular and accurate knowledge on investments is critical to meet portfolio challenges and goals. With accurate investment data, rather than guessing, you can unearth deeper insights, detect risk patterns, and uncover opportunities that elude those using only basic financial reports.

Download our whitepaper as we navigate the complexities of today's political and macro-economic uncertainty.

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