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Move from portfolio monitoring to portfolio management

Amid rapidly increasing volatility and entry multiples, having the right portfolio mix and tools is more important than ever. With CEPRES Portfolio Monitoring, get true deal cash flows and portfolio company metrics of your GPs. Gain deep insights into the drivers of portfolio risks and returns to improve your investment decision-making. Quickly make analyses and reports and share them with your colleagues and board to underwrite your strategy.

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Get a true picture of your portfolio

Source the most accurate and granular private market look-through data directly from GPs with fund and deal-level cash flows and portfolio company operating metrics

Leverage portfolio analytics

Empower your team with real-time analytics to support investment decision-making. Analyze the drivers of portfolio sensitivity, value creation, returns, risks and more.

Evaluate investment impact

Visualize your entire private market portfolio and share real-time analysis dashboards with colleagues. Make pixel-perfect portfolio reports with CEPRES’s self-service reporting tools. Deliver compelling analyses and board reports that prove your investment strategy and secure capital allocations.


CEPRES works directly with your GPs to source the data you need to meet your portfolio goals. We verify every data point, down to individual operating cash flows, ensuring that 100% of your data is accurate, actionable and governed.


CEPRES has cash flow data, P&Ls and operating company metrics on more than 105,000 PE-backed companies, enabling you to leverage the largest, most granular private market data set to power better investments.


Leverage 50+ years of portfolio company cash flow performance as empirical evidence to make more informed investment decisions.

CEPRES powers better private market investments

Amid growing volatility, information is critical to protect your portfolio from risk and meet your investment goals. Many still struggle with manual processes or rely on third-party providers who scrape data from generic PDFs or the public domain, leaving you at risk of having inadequate, inaccurate information to make significant investment decisions. With CEPRES, source the most accurate and granular look-through data directly from GPs with fund and deal level cash flows and portfolio company operating metrics.

Our data advantage

Today, it matters to granularly understand into which assets we are invested via our funds and how they operationally perform. This knowledge helps us to treat illiquid investments with the same proficiency as traded ones and to justify an increase in AuM.

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CEPRES transforms your portfolio monitoring from inflexible legacy reporting, enabling you to make better, faster decisions throughout the investment lifecycle. Leverage interactive dashboards with best-in-class analytics. Visualize your entire portfolio of commitments, return and risk drivers, liquidity pacing, NAV directions, value creation and more.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Unlocking 70%-time savings for a limited partner

An LP’s investment office spent significant resources collecting quarterly data, yet its overall portfolio analysis remained disconnected, preventing meaningful insights and reporting. With CEPRES, the LP migrated its portfolio to a single platform that integrated data capture directly from its GPs and provided significant analytical capabilities, cutting time commitments by 70%.

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How Top Quartile Private Equity Deals Create Value

For private equity deals entered since 2010, the median deal has added between 55% and 75% of its original value between entry and exit. Among top quartile value creators, that growth increases to 350-360%. Top quartile deals have created 4-8X as much value as the median.


Your Private Equity Digital Transformation Checklist

Whether you’re seeking a full-scale playbook for your private equity digital transformation or looking for a few hints as to your next step, CEPRES can help lay out the roadmap for winning in the age of disruption.


High Inflation and PE Deal Performance: US deal returns during rising and high inflation (1986-1991)

How high inflation affects private equity investment is a complicated question. But the industry has undergone previous periods in similar environments. To offer a case study into how historic deals have performed in these circumstances, we look at private equity deal returns during the previous historic period of high inflation: 1989-91. 

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