CEPRES Due Diligence

Transform your private equity due diligence from a cost center to an alpha driver

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De-risk your underwriting decisions

Tap the most comprehensive and accurate private equity fund performance data to deep dive into GP track records and operational KPIs of your potential investments to understand what drives performance and hidden risks.

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Securely share your private market data

Leverage fully encrypted and confidential data rooms that unite GPs and LPs. Access shared data in a non-anonymized and non-aggregated format to perform detailed analyses and share insights with stakeholders.

Drill down into GP performance

Instantly generate fund, deal and operating company analyses, including IRR, TVPI, EBITDA multiples, value creation and more. Leverage limitless drill-down options and filter flexibility, giving you a complete view of a GP’s performance.

Benchmark your GPs

Integrate with CEPRES Benchmarking to get robust peer comparisons and understand GPs’ performance relative to the marketplace and its peer set. Select the right GPs to meet your portfolio’s goals.


CEPRES has full data coverage of 93 of the PEI 100, ensuring LPs have track record analysis data on the most influential GPs in private equity.


CEPRES covers more than 12,000 funds, enabling you to run true benchmarks on GPs.


CEPRES clients typically cut their fund due diligence time by 75%.

Generate instant analytics to power better private market investment decisions

Standardizing and securing GP data to fit your analysis framework creates risk and can consume an outsized percentage of your time. CEPRES’s standardized data framework enables you to spend your time making capital decisions instead of building complex macros or tracking dozens of spreadsheets at a time. CEPRES’s Excel Add-In allows you to easily upload any GP’s track record into one of our preloaded templates and instantly connect the data to CEPRES and immediately begin analysis.

Our data advantage

Thanks to CEPRES, we could triple our US lower-mid market buyout allocation by expanding our due diligence efforts massively. All with a PE team of three.

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Fund due diligence and GP track record analysis can often be manual and done in a vacuum, potentially exposing you to the wrong partners to achieve your investment goals. CEPRES Due Diligence transforms your fund analysis approach, cutting time by 75% and automating many of the value subtracting initiatives. By combining CEPRES Due Diligence with the rest of the CEPRES Market Intelligence suite, you can accelerate your impact to propel better investment outcomes.

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Helping an LP mechanize its quantitative due diligence

An LP struggled to evaluate GPs effectively and systematically. The LP migrated its due diligence to CEPRES to review numerous GPs on its radar and expand its focus. The LP gained an efficient, repeatable quantitative due diligence process that enabled them to focus on qualitative due diligence and analysis.

Thought Leadership


Despite Macro Headwinds, CEPRES Expects Private Equity Valuations to Hold Up in 2023

Over the past four years, private market investors have confronted three significant macro shock events — the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and 40-year inflation highs. As the market faces intersecting headwinds of geopolitical instability, inflation and volatility, CEPRES evaluated how asset owners are managing their holdings.


Private Equity Exits Tumble to Decade-Long Low as Managers Hold Back

Private equity fund managers have sharply pulled back on sales of their portfolio companies this year, with exits from their strategies perhaps the most visible evidence of a weakening market that has seen declining valuations, slower fundraising and other flagging indicators.


Venture Managers Hit Fundraising Record, But Warning Signs Flash

New forecasting based on recent economic shocks predicts venture distributions to slow by 2024, deferring into later years, with the peak drop of 79% coming next year.

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