CEPRES empowers LPs to make better investment decisions through enhanced data and analytics solutions

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Amid unprecedented volatility and rapid changes in the private markets, limited partners (LPs) face mounting headwinds. There has never been a greater need for accurate, actionable private market data and investment solutions purpose-built for front office investors. With CEPRES, LPs can optimize their portfolio returns, access the most relevant look-through data, underwrite their investments with greater confidence and more.

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CEPRES empowers LPs throughout the investment lifecycle

Look through fund level into underlying assets

Look through GP funds into underlying assets Access the most relevant and accurate look-through data on GP investments and track records. Leverage actual deal returns and operating company metrics, including revenue/ EBITDA, IRR, TVPI, DPI and default rate for more effective portfolio management.

Develop and test your 
investment thesis

Use CEPRES's comprehensive fund, deal and asset level analyses to make and test your market thesis and underwrite your investment strategy. Model and forecast risk, returns, cash flows and NAV for portfolio optimization.

Transform risk management

Use CEPRES's predictive models to forecast your portfolio cash flows, NAV, IRR, and MOIC. Generate variable outcomes to understand risk and model different market and commitment scenarios to meet your portfolio goals or regulatory requirements.

Upgrade portfolio management

Capture, manage and analyze your portfolio to meet your investment goals. Track your fund commitments, co-investments and company operations to give your portfolio a single source of truth and a verifiable audit trail.

CEPRES powers better private market investments

Increasing headwinds put portfolios and commitments at risk. Without the right data and solutions, you can leave millions on the table and add unnecessary risk. CEPRES offers clients the best private market data access and coverage. Through CEPRES’s secure GP data network, you can get detailed investment records directly from fund managers with complete cash flows of funds, deals and portfolio company operating metrics. Look through fund-level metrics into underlying assets to make better investment decisions throughout the investment lifecycle.

Our data advantage

CEPRES provides the most accurate, actionable private market data

Trillion asset value

LPs and GPs

PE-backed companies

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Helping a leading insurer slash due diligence time by 25%

A large insurer spent significant time engaged in GP screening and track record due diligence. Through CEPRES, the GP provided the LP with the detailed fund, deal and operating company analysis and the ability to benchmark against 100k+ deals. The insurer immediately realized 25%-time savings by replacing manual analysis with an automated, systematic one. It also gained a complete audit trail for all investment decisions to present to the investment committee. After commitments were made, the same data access process was maintained for the constant portfolio monitoring and risk management at the same granular analysis level as the due diligence was conducted.

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CEPRES 2021 Product Highlights

CEPRES has worked tirelessly to deliver value to our customers. CEPRES has added major capabilities to power your private equity digital transformation. Simply, the most powerful platform in private equity got smarter.


Private Equity Technology Investments Outperform Traditional Sectors

Technology investing in private equity, already a hot sector before covid, gained further momentum during 2020. The data shows further increases in capital flowing to tech investment deals and away from traditional sectors, combined with increased returns and thriving fundamentals.


Five Ways Deal Performance Data Can Power Up Private Equity Investment Program

By the middle of 2021, private equity buyout deals had already matched the full-year totals for 2019 and 2020. For the first time, buyout deal value is on track to top $1T. The pressure on GPs has never been more intense.

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