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CEPRES provides consultants with best-in-class private market data and analytics

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CEPRES helps consultants support their recommendations and analysis with comprehensive and current industry data. CEPRES offers unique solutions to efficiently screen, research and monitor private capital markets to successfully execute and prepare clients’ investment policies or commercial due diligence projects.

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CEPRES helps consultants best serve their clients throughout the investment lifecycle

Scenario plan

Use CEPRES’s proprietary, bottoms-up multi-factor predictive models to forecast cash flows, NAV, IRR and MOIC for your clients. Manage, simulate and report on complex liquidity terms, calculations and scenarios. Analyze current investments and monitor asset allocation.

Streamline portfolio monitoring

Evaluate, monitor and optimize your clients' portfolios to meet their investment goals. Track and report on complex liquidity terms, calculations and scenarios. Measure systematic private market risks and benchmark against investment goals.

Accelerate due diligence

Leverage a customizable and complete track record analysis with fund and deal market benchmarking. Complement your industry expertise with accurate fund and company benchmarks to further prove your recommendations.

See around corners

Test future allocation models and commitment plans to see how they impact NAV, performance and liquidity over quarters, years and decades. Receive probability distributions influenced by macro factors, including interest rates, F/X, terms of trade, among others. Generate variable outcomes to assess ALM impact.

CEPRES powers better private market investments

As the world’s largest verified private market dataflow manager, we offer a customizable and complete track record analysis for most the granular analyses — down to company P&L level — enabling the deepest, confidential benchmarking. CEPRES benchmarking includes not only IRR benchmarks, but also several risk and operational benchmarks that uniquely help you understand systematic and idiosyncratic outperformance or operational risks level.

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CEPRES provides the most accurate, actionable private market data

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Private Equity Asset Allocation Models: Why High-Quality Data is Paramount

Private equity asset allocation models are sophisticated frameworks used by investors to strategically distribute their capital across different types of assets within the private equity universe. Asset allocation decisions involve determining the appropriate mix of investments across various asset classes, such as venture capital, growth equity, and buyouts, as well as considering factors like industry focus, geographic allocation, fund type, risk management strategies, and liquidity considerations.


Benedikt Hoefelmayr interviewed at BAI AIC 2024

Watch Benedikt Hoefelmayr's full interview at BAI AIC on Private Equity Liquidity Management in times of ELTIF2.


Whitepaper | Private Markets Look-through Data

In an era of political and macro-economic uncertainty, access to granular and accurate knowledge on investments is critical to meet portfolio challenges and goals. With accurate investment data, rather than guessing, you can unearth deeper insights, detect risk patterns, and uncover opportunities that elude those using only basic financial reports.

Download our whitepaper as we navigate the complexities of today's political and macro-economic uncertainty.

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