At CEPRES, private means private

Our security policies are client-centric and simple: we will never share your private information. When you join CEPRES, your participation is confidential with no publicity or media intrusion.

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Safeguarding your competitive edge

Your investment data is precious and highly sensitive, and that's why CEPRES has developed the most secure platform and policies to protect your data and ensure you maintain control over who has access and how. CEPRES private data rooms are fully under your control and can never be accessed or shared with anyone without your explicit permission, so you can verify your investment data and securely share it with your LPs and colleagues risk-free.

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Protecting your privacy and confidential data

Unlike other platforms that mix clients’ private data with publicly sourced data on named GPs from Freedom of Information Act requests and pension websites, CEPRES never publishes GP investment data, so your data is always secure and never commingled.

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Backed by military-grade protection

Your sensitive data is protected by industry-leading security standards. In over two decades of processing investment data on more than 10,000 funds and more than 100,000 PE-backed deals, we have never had a security or confidentiality breach. All named data is protected with 256-bit military-grade encryption, making it uncompromisable.