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As the largest, most trusted platform and ecosystem for private market investing, we connect investors with proprietary deal data, complete cash flows of funds and deals with portfolio company operating metrics, and real-time analytics to unlock better, more actionable insights. All on a single, modular platform to help you unlock better investment outcomes.

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The best private market data set

CEPRES provides insights on your potential investments and existing portfolio — down to single operating assets. All CEPRES data is user-generated and comes directly from portfolio companies’ cash flows and fund managers’ data warehouses and lakes. With CEPRES, you can access the most accurate, granular and actionable private market data.

Our Data Advantage

The founder of the look-through investment

In the early 2000s, the idea of large-scale data exchange in the private markets was unfathomable. CEPRES recognized that investors needed to look through fund performance into the underlying deal and asset performance to make better investment decisions. We started by providing investors access to granular, actionable private market data and insights to enable the look-through investment. Today, we are a full-scale private equity investment operating platform. We combine the largest private market data network with award-winning SaaS solutions to help power better private market investments across the investment lifecycle.

Key milestones

  1. 2001

    CEPRES begins collecting and analyzing fund, deal and underlying portfolio company data directly from GPs as part of a study into private market risk

  2. 2003

    CEPRES introduces fund of fund investment underwriting and portfolio monitoring based on collecting data from invested and due diligence GPs

  3. 2012

    CEPRES wins significant insurance client

  4. 2014

    CEPRES expands to the US to better serve private equity’s largest market

  5. 2018

    ILPA chooses CEPRES as the best practice due diligence partner, including the transfer of track record data between GPs and LPs

  6. 2018

    CEPRES wins “Best Portfolio Management Software” award from PEWire

  7. 2019

    Leading investor with over 74k PE-backed companies opts into CEPRES and analyzes more than 7,000 funds in due diligence — at $26T in asset value

  8. 2019

    CEPRES wins second consecutive “Best Portfolio Management Software” award from PEWire

  9. 2020

    CEPRES wins third consecutive “Best Portfolio Management Software” award from PEWire

  10. 2021

    CEPRES and Bain & Company launch DealEdge, formally bringing together the world's largest private equity advisor and world's largest private market data network

  11. 2022

    CEPRES launches CEPRES Fund Screener to help limited partners quickly analyze general partners’ track records

  12. 2022

    CEPRES launches CEPRES Portfolio Forecasting to enable LPs to quickly and effectively run deep stochastic forecasts to not only better plan their investments, but also to meet growing regulatory requirements

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CEPRES accelerates your private equity digital transformation

Despite digital transformation investments within portfolio companies, private equity digital transformation remains nascent at the investment and deal-making level. With CEPRES, transform your investment process with a light footprint, easy-to-implement solution purpose-built for front office investors. No matter where you are in your private equity digital transformation journey.

Private equity digital transformation
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Deep private market expertise

From day one, investment know-how has been CEPRES’s DNA. Our leadership team comes directly from private equity deal teams and best-in-class technology — bringing together the skills and expertise to help drive better investment outcomes.

Our leadership

Today, it matters to granularly understand into which assets we are invested via our funds and how they operationally perform. This knowledge helps us to treat Illiquid investments with the same proficiency as traded ones and to justify an increase in AuM.

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Thought Leadership


DealEdge: New Quarterly Benchmarks Feature

We’ve made some recent changes to the platform that were designed to elevate your experience and provide even more insights.


Responsible Private Equity: Balancing Profitability and Public Commitments

Responsible private equity involves the integration of ethical, social, and environmental considerations into investment practices. Private equity firms, known for pooling capital to acquire, invest in, and manage companies, are facing heightened pressure to adopt responsible business practices. This encompasses evaluating the potential environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks associated with their portfolio companies.


The Role of ESG and CSR in Private Equity

Private equity (PE) firms are increasingly incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into their investment strategies as a way to balance financial returns with considerations for the public good. Similarly, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are implemented to contribute positively to society.

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