Accelerating private equity digital transformation

CEPRES is the first platform built for the age of digital transformation in private markets. Our investment data platform provides real-time and predictive analytics to unlock better investment outcomes and drive better, faster decisions. CEPRES clients leverage proprietary deal data and complete cash flows from the largest private market ecosystem.


The dawn of digital transformation in private equity

Most private equity investors and deal teams continue to run a dated, obsolete playbook, leaving millions on the table and exposing their portfolios to unnecessary risk. 


Investors can no longer run a 1.0 playbook and expect to remain relevant

Despite digital transformation investments within portfolio companies, digital transformation at the investment and deal-making level continues to significantly lag. With companies spending an estimated $6.8 trillion on digital transformation initiatives by 2023, private equity companies who fail to accelerate their digital transformation face obsolescence but don’t realize it yet. 


The new playbook for investing in the age of disruption

The age of disruption is rapidly widening the gap between market leaders and laggards while also reshuffling the power dynamics of private equity. Investors who act swiftly can maximize their immediate returns while positioning themselves for long-term exponential impact and gains. But only if they recognize the new landscape and dramatically adapt their playbooks, reorient their operating models and accelerate their digital transformation. 

The pillars of private equity digitization

Digital transformation is an iterative process, and it can start with a simple action that enables exponential impact across portfolios. Inaction is an invitation for obsolescence. 

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From Excel to the cloud

Consolidate multiple real-time data streams to slash inefficiencies and accelerate impact.

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Beyond benchmarking

Look through high-level data into actual performance to make the best investment decisions.

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See around corners

Take advantage of predictive analytics to maximize returns and manage risk.

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Outside in

Leverage enhanced access to market insights to develop and validate your investment thesis.

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Due diligence, differently

Streamline and automate one of private equity’s most painstakingly manual processes.

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Data governance

Refine data to make it even more valuable.


Getting started

Digital transformation can be an overwhelming topic for many investors. They can claim that it is only for large-scale investors, too difficult and expensive, too pie in the sky, or something else. But that thinking underestimates the impact of the new macro landscape in which investors operate. Our playbook outlines how to unlock better private equity investment outcomes and win the age of disruption.

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How CEPRES helps investors accelerate private equity digital transformation

CEPRES offers out-of-the-box, light-footprint, high-impact tools that help you maximize returns, minimize risk and accelerate private equity digital transformation.

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