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CEPRES Market Intelligence

Get insight into returns drivers

Compare your and competitors' performance against actual marketplace metrics cut across thousands of dimensions, including IRR, MOIC, alpha, TVPI and more, as well as operational KPIs, including revenue CAGR, EBITDA, loan interest and more. CEPRES calls this approach beyond benchmarking — providing deeper insight into true drivers of investment returns — helping investors build more effective portfolios and unlock better investment outcomes. 

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Create your own benchmarks

CEPRES Benchmarking allows you to create your own custom benchmarks at both the fund and deal level. You have flexibility in analyzing against benchmarks that aren't handpicked to tell a story. You can also benchmark against funds/portfolios within your own portfolio, enabling you to make better decisions.

Compare relative performance

Develop new portfolio strategies by measuring a GP’s track record or your own portfolio of investments against the returns of the broader private or public markets.

Get a full picture

Gain insights across the entire private market landscape, with data on venture capital, growth capital, buyout, private debt, private real estate and more.


CEPRES works directly with GPs to source the data you need to meet your portfolio goals. We verify every data point, down to individual operating cash flows, ensuring that 100% of your data is accurate, actionable and governed.


With more than 10,500 funds and 1,000,000 cash flows, CEPRES provides the most accurate, actionable private market data.


Leverage 50+ years of portfolio company cash flow performance as empirical evidence to make more informed investment decisions.

Make apples to apples comparisons

Fund-level performance is not enough, and deal-level returns can vary wildly between two subsectors of the same industry — something fund-level performance would not reflect. CEPRES data goes down to operating cash flows, meaning CEPRES data is more accurate and actionable than any other data available.

Our data advantage

With CEPRES, you can stop wasting time building complex macros and database connectors or cherry-picked data from third-party providers. Leverage a consolidated platform powered by the best private market data to do the heavy benchmarking lifting for you.

Accelerate your digital transformation

We almost gave up on like-for-like benchmarking before using CEPRES. Now for the first time, we can really understand capital weighted alpha generation on the industry level and don’t need to rely on GP provided numbers or public proxies.

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Proving an investor's investment thesis

An investor wanted to prove its chosen sectors were largely protected against market cycles. CEPRES delivered risk-adjusted alpha analysis for their sectors with beta correlation versus relevant public markets to show how its strategy held up in varying market cycles. The investor proved low beta correlation and its sectors were defensive and non-cyclical, helping to underwrite its strategy and increase its target size for fundraising.

Thought Leadership


How Top Quartile Private Equity Deals Create Value

For private equity deals entered since 2010, the median deal has added between 55% and 75% of its original value between entry and exit. Among top quartile value creators, that growth increases to 350-360%. Top quartile deals have created 4-8X as much value as the median.


Your Private Equity Digital Transformation Checklist

Whether you’re seeking a full-scale playbook for your private equity digital transformation or looking for a few hints as to your next step, CEPRES can help lay out the roadmap for winning in the age of disruption.


High Inflation and PE Deal Performance: US deal returns during rising and high inflation (1986-1991)

How high inflation affects private equity investment is a complicated question. But the industry has undergone previous periods in similar environments. To offer a case study into how historic deals have performed in these circumstances, we look at private equity deal returns during the previous historic period of high inflation: 1989-91. 

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