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Accelerate your investment impact

With growing volatility, having current, accurate private market data to assess the market and trends with clear perspectives is critical. CEPRES offers placement agents unique solutions to efficiently screen, research and monitor portfolio managers to successfully execute and prepare their clients’ investment policies.

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CEPRES helps placement agents throughout the investment lifecycle

Expand your aperture

Make and test your own market thesis and use it to review your fund manager evaluation process. Leverage the world's largest private market data set to drive better outcomes.

Gain deeper insights

Assess drivers of value to instantly get the information you need to analyze GP strategies and track records. Choose from thousands of search criteria—like industry, deal size or deal type—to zoom in on exactly what you need. Understand where the market is and where it is going to provide unrivaled impact.

Maximize fundraising

Leverage customizable and complete track record analysis with fund and deal market benchmarking. Get more a more accurate look at fund and company performance to prove your strategy with true comps to your funds, deals and operating companies.

Streamline analyses

Leverage out-of-the-box analyses and flexible filters to create your own custom data sets. Capitalize on fund, deal and operating asset benchmarks to provide a true outside-in perspective.

CEPRES powers better private market investments

Increasing headwinds put portfolios and commitments at risk. Without the right data and solutions, you can leave millions on the table and add unnecessary risk. CEPRES offers clients the best private market data coverage. CEPRES data comes directly from asset managers and includes complete cash flows of funds, deals and portfolio company operating metrics. Look through fund-level metrics into underlying assets to make better investment decisions throughout the investment lifecycle.

Our data advantage

CEPRES provides the most accurate, actionable private market data

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Helping a significant insurer slash due diligence time by 25%

A large insurer spent significant time engaged in GP screening and track record due diligence. Through CEPRES, the GP provided the LP with the detailed fund, deal and operating company analysis and the ability to benchmark against 100k+ deals. The insurer immediately realized 25%-time savings by replacing manual analysis with an automated, systematic one. It also gained a complete audit trail for all investment decisions to present to the investment committee. After commitments were made, the same data access process was maintained for the constant portfolio monitoring and risk management at the same granular analysis level as the due diligence was conducted.

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