CEPRES offers the most accurate, granular, actionable private market data

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Bringing you the best private market data coverage

Private market investors have begun to demand better, more actionable investment data. To successfully invest in competitive, volatile times, investors need highly-accurate look-through data. CEPRES provides you with the most accurate, actionable private market data throughout the investment lifecycle.

The private market data challenge

Inaccurate, inaccessible data

Most investors continue to receive insufficient, generic data from third-party providers or advisors, painting an unclear picture and threatening returns.

THE new approach

Propeling data-driven investments

CEPRES provides accurate, granular data based on more than 1,000,000 cash flows and more than 125,000 PE-backed companies representing $50 trillion in asset value.

Transform and optimize private equity investment decisions

Accessing accurate data in the often opaque private markets is one challenge. Gleaning insights from it is another. CEPRES helps you do both. CEPRES is the world’s largest private market investment data network. We have direct cash flow data on more than 125,000 PE-backed companies representing $50 trillion in asset value.

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We are the largest private market investment ecosystem

Trillion asset value

LPs and GPs

PE-backed companies

Funds managed

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Data sourced directly from private equity fund managers

CEPRES data comes directly from fund managers, including 93% of the PEI 100. Our legal framework allows us to source data directly from GPs’ data warehouses or data lakes, down to the portfolio company P&L level. We don’t scrape data from pitch books or other sources, which can present only summary level performance and financial details that are inaccurate and insufficient for informed investment decision-making.

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Look through to portfolio company performance

We provide deep, granular data, enabling you to look through high-level fund performance metrics into the underlying cash flows of a fund’s portfolio companies. This approach allows you to understand better a fund’s composition, strategy and returns; how they compare to peers; and whether they’re a good investment fit. Is the investment strategy scalable or just propped up by catching lightning in a bottle?

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Unmatched portfolio company performance

CEPRES clients can explore operating company performance — CAGR, revenue growth, margin, EBITDA and thousands more. Look through to understand how the sum adds up to the parts.

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Best-in-class data governance

CEPRES is committed to data accuracy for both GPs and LPs. Whether data comes through our template, other electronic files or PDF, we verify and reconcile every single data point to the highest level — ensuring 100% of the data you utilize is accurate, governed and actionable. Only CEPRES allows you to make real apples to apples comparisons.


Driver better investment outcomes with most accurate, actionable private market data set.