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CEPRES Expands Due Diligence Solutions Suite with Launch of Fund Screener

CEPRES Fund Screener helps limited partners accelerate and optimize GP underwriting for better, faster investment decisions

CEPRES Fund Screener

NEW YORK MARCH 31, 2022: CEPRES — the leader in private market investment technology — today announced the launch of CEPRES Fund Screener, a new product within CEPRES’s Due Diligence solution suite.

CEPRES Fund Screener empowers limited partners (LPs) with powerful analysis capabilities on general partners’ (GPs) track records within a secure, easy-to-use platform. The product enables investors to track and manage their fund investment pipeline and all the relevant information and GP contacts for their forward calendar. They can then drill into the GPs’ track records via a secure data network with all the key analytics required by their investment committees. Users can also look through fund metrics using deal-level sensitivity analysis to see how different variables impacted the GP’s track record.

CEPRES Fund Screener recently launched in private beta and has already been used by several of the most influential private market investors around the world. All gave universal praise to its streamlined approach and ease of usability in helping cut private equity due diligence time without sacrificing quality and evaluate more investment opportunities.

CEPRES chief product officer Chris Godfrey remarked,

“Private market investors recognize they can no longer cope with only manual data handling and complex and error-prone Excels required to underwrite investments in today’s volatile environment. CEPRES Fund Screener empowers investors with better data and analytical tools so they can use their time on decision-making instead of chasing data errors and figuring out how to automate attribution analysis.”

CEPRES Fund Screener is part of the CEPRES ecosystem, which encompasses GP data look through, due diligence, portfolio monitoring, forecasting, and fund and deal benchmarking. Together, CEPRES drives better investment outcomes through unmatched data granularity and governance combined with insightful analytics.

All CEPRES analyses are backed by deal-level cash flows and operating metrics direct from GPs — not just rolled up metrics. CEPRES Fund Screener data is 100% governed and actionable, eliminating the challenges of disparate data sources and types. CEPRES Fund Screener enables both self-service via Excel data upload and managed service through CEPRES’s data network, which encompasses 10,500 funds — including 93% of the PEI 100 — and more than 105,000 portfolio company direct deals.

Ready to learn more about how CEPRES helps you due diligence, differently? Explore CEPRES Due Diligence.

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