Complete private equity portfolio management on a single platform

Look through high-level fund data into underlying assets and performance.

  • Get instant and detailed data with single-click analytics. No more wasting time navigating Excel spreadsheets or PDFs.

  • Empower your team with real-time analytics across multiple dimensions to determine exposure risk and returns.

  • Look through high-level fund data into its underlying assets and performance to get a true look at your portfolio and investment impact.

Drive exponentially better investment outcomes

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Today, it matters to granularly understand which assets we are invested in via our funds and how they operationally perform. This knowledge helps us to treat illiquidity investments with the same proficiency as traded ones and to justify an increase in AuM.

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Drive better investment outcomes with CEPRES Portfolio Management solutions

Manage your investments with ease

Fund portfolio management software to help you track and analyze the performance of your entire private market portfolio. Quickly identify opportunities or strategies and share insights via confidential and fully encrypted data rooms. Deep dive into your investments with GP portfolio companies. Did the GP invest money wisely? Are the returns repeatable?

Leverage real-time analytics

Visualize your entire portfolio of commitments; returns and risk drivers; liquidity pricing; NAV directions; value creation; and more. Combine CEPRES Portfolio Monitoring with CEPRES Market Research for a truly unique and interactive view of your portfolio’s performance.

Redeploy time to maximize value

Realize up to 70% time savings with simple intuitive analytics and one-click reporting. Make better, faster decisions across your portfolio.

Private equity portfolio management and portfolio monitoring

CEPRES’s mediation team takes data collection and verification out of your hands. Our team works directly with your GPs to source all the data you need to meet your portfolio goals. We ensure that 100% of your data is accurate, actionable, and governed. Every data point is verified down to the individual operating cash flow, giving you confidence in your portfolio decisions.

CEPRES Portfolio Monitoring

CEPRES powers investments throughout the investment lifecycle

CEPRES is the world’s largest private market data ecosystem. Our platform is highly modular, giving you the option to use a single private equity solution or leverage the unprecedented impact of the entire CEPRES ecosystem.


Our data advantage

Proprietary private market data

Access complete cash flows of funds and deals as well as portfolio company operating metrics — sourced directly from GPs, LPs and more.

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Market Intelligence

Market Research

Investigate and understand the best opportunities in the market – where to play and how to win.

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Market Intelligence


Unique direct deal/co-investment comps to underwrite investments and enhance pipeline throughput with the investment committee.

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Market Intelligence


All the private market data you need at the fund, direct and operating company level to prove your investment thesis and develop your portfolio strategy.

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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Forecasting

Model and predict future cash flows, IRRs, NAVs and VaR and optimize the commitment schedule or build complex evergreen structures.

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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Monitoring

Track, analyze and report on all your private market funds and investments.

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Portfolio Management

Due Diligence

Transform fund due diligence by analyzing more funds with deeper data to evaluate opportunities faster and choose the best funds and GPs.

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Portfolio Management

Fund Screening

Double the number of funds you can evaluate, analyze returns in GP pitchbooks and make better investment decisions.

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Experience CEPRES Portfolio Management to get a true look at your portfolio and investment impact