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CEPRES: The Solution of Private Equity Solutions for LPs

It’s usually been the case that investors who didn’t know much about private equity investing, or didn’t have the resources to do the work, but wanted to invest in the asset class, would outsource their “PE bucket” to a third-party consultant or asset manager. This rather passive approach is obviously the easiest solution but it isn't an efficiently scalable model because the fees charged to the investors ultimately eat away at their actual net returns.

Or, some LPs would use a hybrid solution where they do the quantitative due diligence in-house but outsource the qualitative work. Some even do all of the due diligence work on their own and prepare the full investment report but then buy a consultant’s report on the same investment opportunity to use as verification. For those investors who actually do some amount of in-house work on private equity due diligence, they are then faced with the traditional process challenges on private equity software.

All of the above is just for the due diligence phase of private equity investing. Then there’s also the asset allocation planning and portfolio construction before identifying individual opportunities for due diligence and ultimately making a commitment. Plus, the post-commitment portfolio monitoring and tracking, and portfolio modeling and forecasting where the outputs provide the feedback into the asset allocation planning stage, which then closes the private equity investment cycle.

Outsourcing all or any of these important aspects of private equity investing to various external consultants and service providers quickly eat into your net returns.

CEPRES is the private equity solution

In the ’80s and early ’90s, trading equities consisted of pen and paper, a telephone, and a broker. Then the IT revolution started in the mid to late ’90s and that changed everything further. Investments gradually digitized as innovative technology revolutionized the equities asset class. There’s been no turning back, and the private markets are facing their own digital transformation. CEPRES is at the front leading the way.

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Integrated technology-based private equity solution

CEPRES is an integrated technology-based private equity solution that provides easy, efficient (both cost & time), and scalable solutions that help LPs navigate around the private equity investment cycle without having to break a sweat or outsource their PE bucket.

We provide you with innovative tech tools to empower you to take on the asset class. It’s what VCs would call “disruptive”, but this is the way forward, and there’s no avoiding it. The old private equity process has been left behind in the dark for too long, resulting in the inefficient use of resources and lower returns.

Regain control of your private equity investment process

Combining CEPRES Market Intelligence solutions, including Portfolio Monitoring and Due Diligence with CEPRES market data helps catapult the asset class into the 21st century and deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions to LPs.

We have built client relationships with the industry’s leading institutional LPs that include pensions, endowments, insurances, asset managers, sovereign wealth funds and family offices from around the world who have used CEPRES private equity solutions for their investment management.

However, since the CEPRES private equity solution is innovative and unique, there are still occasionally some misconceptions about who we are: CEPRES is an IT software or FinTech company. Or CEPRES is a provider of private equity fund and deal-level benchmarking data. Or CEPRES is an advisory consultant with investment expertise, or CEPRES is an analytics company. Or CEPRES is the first platform built for private equity digital transformation.

But in fact, we are all of the above.

CEPRES uses a holistic approach to solve the private equity investment management problem.

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