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New Analysis Builder for Portfolio Monitoring Unveiled

Analysis Builder for Portfolio Monitoring provides CEPRES users with easy access to high quality data and flexibility of analysis across all aspects of their portfolio.

CEPRES announces the launch of its new Analysis Builder for Portfolio Monitoring, which provides users with easy access to high quality private market data and flexibility of analysis across private markets portfolios. Users are able to go beyond pure fund tracking to capture a broader number of data points for all of their private market assets.

Analysis Builder gives Portfolio Monitoring users a better way to conduct portfolio analysis; fully integrated into the CEPRES Platform, it allows them to simply drag and drop for custom visualizations of CEPRES’ look-through data, so they can more easily accommodate their stakeholders’ needs.

Analysis Builder utilizes Power BI’s visualization capabilities to expand data customization, letting users create unique, interactive, customized widgets. Users can easily compare any analysis by industry, stage, location, etc., using unlimited widgets with widget level filters, see granular cash flow analysis based on each cash flow type, and view how their portfolio’s operating metrics or any other metrics have progressed over its lifetime.

Combined with CEPRES' look-through data, users can better “look through” high-level fund performance metrics into the underlying cash flows of a fund’s portfolio companies, allowing them to better understand a fund’s composition, strategy, and returns; how it compares to peers; and whether the fund is a good investment fit.

Innovations such as Analysis Builder ensure that CEPRES clients continue to have access to the cutting-edge tools that they need to stay ahead of industry challenges. Learn more about our comprehensive out-of-the-box data model for multiple private capital asset classes:

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