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Product Release Notes (5.35.0)

Date published: December 13th, 2022

CEPRES Analysis Builder

CEPRES Analysis Builder provides fast, high-level data and time series analysis.

As part of the new deal-level feature, users can now:

  • Create as-of-date analysis on operating metrics and real estate operating metrics

  • Add new fields, including cash at entry and exit, commitments, dry powder and value creation

  • Include new data hierarchy filters, including year, quarter and month analysis

As part of the new fund-level features, users can now:

  • Conduct fund-level analysis

  • Include net and gross fields

CEPRES Fund Screener

CEPRES Fund Screener provides LPs with pipeline management and fast, powerful analysis of GP track records. Use CEPRES Fund Screener to manage your forward calendar and planned commitments and request track record data for analysis allowing you to focus on funds that matter most to you.

CEPRES Fund Screener users can now:

  • Benchmark track record funds with market data with just one click

  • Apply the selection criteria to track record funds individually

  • Use filters to narrow your search further for funds in market

For more information on CEPRES Analysis Builder or CEPRES Fund Screener, please contact your account manager or the CEPRES team.

Product release

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