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Product Highlights (2019 - 2022)

Date published: September 22, 2022

CEPRES combines industry-leading technology and the world’s largest private market data network to help investors power better private market investments. Our platform is highly modular, giving you the option to use a single private equity solution or leverage the unprecedented impact of the entire CEPRES ecosystem.

This article provides information on the newest features and updates across the CEPRES solutions suite.

CEPRES Platform

The CEPRES Platform has received several upgrades aimed at improving functionality and user experiences.

Excel add-in

Users can upload data more easily using the Excel add-in plugin saving significant time. This feature enables users to seamlessly port their data from Excel into CEPRES using standard templates, including the ILPA template.

Keyword search

Users can use text searches at both the fund and deal level enabling more flexibility and ease of use. This feature bypasses rigid taxonomy and enables users to more naturally search and compare performance.


The new J-curve feature enables deeper analysis of market data based on the percentage pace analysis chart. Users can use this feature to track important areas, including cash draw/paybacks, money in vs money out and more.


With instant messaging proving to be the most popular way to communicate, CEPRES built a messaging and video conferencing feature enabling users to start conversations with both LPs and GPs within the platform. Users are notified of any messages or calls via the platform and email. This feature allows users to collaborate and connect more easily.

Time series analyses

Users can now conduct time series analysis for both the pricing page, operational growth page and NAVs.

  • Pricing page analysis can be used to see the progression of pooled EVs to EBITDA and EVs to revenue over time.

  • Operational growth time series analysis enables users to see the progression of pooled EBITDA and revenue over time.

  • Net Asset Value (NAV) is available for premium users only. It enables users to see the progression of pooled valuations over time.

This feature allows users to understand the underlying causes of trends of systemic patterns over time helping them make better investment decisions.


DealEdge is a powerful, intuitive digital advisory product that gives private equity investors insights into hidden opportunities and deals that have the most potential.

Cyclicality analysis

Cyclicality Analysis is used as a business cycle analysis tool and employs a series of variables that tends to anticipate, coincide with or lag behind the movements of economic activity to indicate the phases of the business cycle.

Within the app, users can view a selection of charts including

  • Chart 1: Annual return year over year (IRR by year) using the current time series methodology

  • Chart 2: Multiple and return change by deal entry period (IRR by entry year)

Both charts can be combined to make one whole chart. Additionally, DealEdge has improved how users can view analyses. Users can now add and apply filters to analysis alongside changing single or multiple entries that can be rendered once applied. This feature allows users to dig deeper into analysis to get the answers they require.

CEPRES Fund Screener

CEPRES Fund Screener provides LPs with pipeline management and fast, powerful analysis on GP track records. CEPRES Fund Screener enables you to manage your forward calendar and planned commitments, request track record data for analysis and collaborate with colleagues to streamline your underwriting process allowing you to focus on funds that matter most to you.

User experience

CEPRES Fund Screener underwent upgrades to improve the user experience and platform functionality. Users can view and edit details of due diligence cases without needing to navigate to the analysis page. This provides users with more flexibility while using CEPRES Fund Screener.

Analysis sharing

Additionally, users can share due diligence cases more easily, provide commentary for all team members and can add additional files and notes with just one click. Once you have conducted your analysis or want to extract data from the platform to Excel, users can do this by clicking the download analysis button.


CEPRES Fund Screener also received an upgrade to the way users add contacts to the platform. Previously, to add a new contact, users had to populate all contact details to save a contact. Now, users only have to include one piece of information to save a contact. This upgrade enables users to edit contact details, which was not possible before.


CEPRES Fund Screener now enables users to filter and sort due diligence cases in list view as well as being able to perform actions per record. Users can now link due diligence cases to private data rooms enabling them to view funds, deals, time series analysis and portfolio company data.

Users will also notice new filter layers allowing them to get even granular with their analysis. New filters include fund size, geography, investment strategy, investment year and fund size.

CEPRES Analysis Builder

CEPRES Analysis Builder is a newly-built analysis tool providing users with advanced data and time series analysis.

CEPRES Analysis Builder is currently in private beta. The main way users can view analysis is by viewing the shared dashboard within their dashboard area.


Users can re-pin a shared custom dashboard(s) enabling them to compare analyses over a range of periods as required. Currently to date, only CEPRES account managers can create and share dashboards. If a user requires analysis to be conducted, this can be requested by contacting your account manager.

For more information on any of the products listed above, please contact your account manager or the CEPRES team.

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