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CEPRES Predictive Intelligence feature insights

In October, CEPRES officially launched CEPRES Predictive Intelligence.

With a drag-and-drop user interface, CEPRES Predictive Intelligence enables investors, risk managers and investor relations managers to plan their own — or their client’s — portfolios’ future uncertainties, optimize allocation plans, manage commitment pacing and cash flow modeling, and much more.

CEPRES Predictive Intelligence can be applied to simple or complex portfolio structures and provides immediate insights into the future with a click of a button.

Since launching, our team has been working behind the scenes to bring you new features that we would like to share with you.

Recent feature additions include:

Stress test cash flow pattern:

  • Improved user interface with bulk change options for stress testing cash flow pattern.

Enhanced investment guidelines:

  • Enhanced minimum or maximum thresholds, in absolute or percentage-based values. Also, bandwidths are supported (minimum and maximum thresholds in a single guideline).

  • Enhanced visualizations of asset allocation ratios during the portfolio's future lifetime and guideline-break reporting.

New portfolio simulation overview and more user control:

  • Enhanced user management control for portfolio simulation versioning and oversight.

What's coming next to CEPRES Predictive Intelligence?

Enhanced toolset for collaborative work:

  • We will adopt the award-winning collaboration management suite from CEPRES Fund Screener into CEPRES Predictive Intelligence. This approach takes a further step towards standardizing the data and analysis collaboration platform across all CEPRES solutions in the most modern style currently available.

Making CEPRES Predictive Intelligence forecasts even more precise:

  • We implemented an improved intelligent parameter model for fund target return projections. This model was developed based on hundreds of backtests that the CEPRES modeling team has made together with our clients during the pandemic and the current stressed market sentiment with extreme valuation volatility. As one outcome, the adjusted parameter model better recognizes extreme fund NAV movements and overvaluations in extreme bullish macro cycles for the final target return evaluation.

For more information on CEPRES Predictive Intelligence, please contact your account manager or the CEPRES team.

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