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CEPRES 2021 Product Highlights

Over the last twelve months, CEPRES has worked tirelessly to deliver value to our customers. It has been some time since we published official release notes, and we want to keep you updated about some of the exciting developments at CEPRES.

Since our latest documented release notes, CEPRES has added major capabilities to power your private equity digital transformation.

Simply, the most powerful platform in private equity got smarter.

CEPRES updates and additions

New currencies

Private equity is a global business, and we know how vital it is to support currencies around the world. CEPRES now supports analysis with nine currency options: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD, CNY, DKK.

Better drill down + analytics

CEPRES now offers more drill down capability in reporting. Users now can now drill down with a single click into a fund to see investment details at the individual deal level.

Single vintage year view

LPs continue to invest in funds with a specific vintage year. That’s why we’ve added single vintage and investment year selections in our filter menu, empowering more accurate benchmarking and helping our clients make better investment decisions.

New market indexes

CEPRES already provides access to advanced performance metrics for private market funds and deals based on underlying cash flow information. From these cash flows, CEPRES calculates the performance metrics you need, including IRR, TVPI, DPI and RVPI.

For premium subscribers, CEPRES now supports 26 private market equivalent (PME) calculations based on various public market indexes to provide a comparative view of expected IRR and TVPI of the same cash flows if they had been invested in the public markets. CEPRES now supports the following indexes:

  • CAC 40

  • Corporate Bond US

  • DAX

  • DJIA


  • FTSE 100

  • Global High Yield Corporate Bond

  • Hang Seng

  • MSCI All Country

  • MSCI World

  • Nasdaq

  • Nasdaq 100

  • Nasdaq Emerging Markets

  • Nasdaq Global Real Estate

  • Nikkei 225

  • OMX Copenhagen 20 Cap

  • OMX Nordic Small Cap DKK PI

  • Russell 2000

  • S&P 500

  • S&P Global Infrastructure

  • SDAX

  • Shenzhen Composite

  • SSE Composite

  • TecDAX

  • US Real Estate

  • World Government Bond

DealEdge: Transform your investment process with data-driven decisions

In 2020, CEPRES partnered with Bain — the world’s leading private markets consultant — to launch DealEdge, which has now underwritten hundreds of investments.

In 2021, CEPRES launched “Sector Explorer,” which lets DealEdge users explore the entire private market deal landscape to triangulate attractive pockets for investing. New capabilities in Sector Explorer include:

  • Mekko charts. It's now easier than ever to derive quick insights about different investing time horizons and easily discern which sectors drive the best returns.

  • In addition to Mekko charts, we’ve added eight new analysis chart options to help users crystallize their investment strategy, uncover white space and determine what types of deals drive true value. These chart options include:

    • Risk Chart

    • Revenue CAGR

    • Number of Deals by IRR

    • Number of Deals by MOIC

    • Number of Deals by EBITDA Multiple Expansion

    • Number of Deals by Margin Expansion

    • EBITDA Margin at Entry 8) Number of Deals by Revenue Multiple Expansion

  • My Dashboard. Find all of your Sector Deep Dive and Sector Explorer dashboards on one screen for easy access to your most critical reports.

  • Sector Explorer – demographics. You can now visualize how deal sample size in each graph is distributed over geography, invested capital, deal type and deal realization. See these metrics in one chart with deal entry year in another chart, enabling you to compare and contrast to pressure test your investment thesis.

Coming Soon: A new CEPRES Due Diligence experience

Due diligence continues to consume an outsized percentage of time. CEPRES found that an average LP fund due diligence takes 40 days, consisting of painstaking manual processes, DDQs, navigating spreadsheets and tapping experts for additional insight. This unsustainable approach wastes time and money while adding complexity and risk.

At CEPRES, we believe there’s a better way. We will release a new due diligence product designed to help LPs streamline and transform their fund due diligence.

We’re calling this approach “due diligence, differently.” CEPRES Due Diligence will help private markets investors cut those 40 days of due diligence into near-instantaneous analysis.

Our team is constantly building new functionality with one goal in mind: to help you unlock better investment outcomes. Thank you for being part of the CEPRES team.

Ready to start driving better investment outcomes? Try CEPRES today.

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