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image Update - New User Interface

In the February 2024 DealEdge release, the following updates have been made to the home page navigation:

New Additions to the Main Menu

The navigation bar at the top of the screen has been redesigned to give users a more seamless experience as they navigate through the modules. There are now four menu options available which can be accessed from anywhere in the DealEdge platform: Shared Reports, Market Insights, Portfolio Benchmarking, and My Investments.

In the prior version, users would have had to go back to the Home menu to navigate to each of these sections. Now, with the added Module Links at the top of the Home page they can go directly where they would like from any page.

Modules Renamed

What’s more, the Sector Explorer tile on the home page has now been renamed to Explore Market Insights while the Portfolio Diagnostics tile has been renamed to Benchmark My Portfolio to create more clarity for users.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to provide users with the most powerful deal-level intelligence platform, and to help users streamline their workflow experience. For any feedback or questions, please contact DealEdge Support(

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