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CEPRES Release Notes (5.37.0)

Publication date: February 21, 2023

Bulk import into custom fields

With CEPRES (5.37.0), CEPRES users can more easily upload custom data and bulk import from numerous mediums, including Excel.

Specific changes include:

  • Option to bulk import (by uploading Excel file) in inline edit mode

  • Option to download a template containing the inline edit custom fields values

  • Admin permission to allow / disallow bulk import option

Values will be imported only if no validation errors occur, which maximizes data integrity.

Upcoming additions to this feature include:

  • An option to review validation errors before committing values to database

  • Ability to skip domain validation (i.e. skipping adding new custom fields only if user is registered with data room creator company domain)

Analysis Builder

CEPRES 3.57.0 introduces more fields for users to use when creating analyses.

This update includes new fields as part of the deal and fund levels including:

  • Net and Gross figures at Fund level

  • PMEs

  • Value creation

  • Macro factors

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