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BVV Accelerates Its Digital Transformation with CEPRES’ AI-based Portfolio Prediction and “Look Through” Portfolio Management Technology

JULY 5, 2023 - MUNICH - BVV, Germany's largest pension fund, has expanded its relationship with CEPRES to further accelerate its digital transformation and enhance its private market investing impact. CEPRES, the leader in private market investing data and investment technology, provides BVV with portfolio due diligence, monitoring, and management technology to help its investing team maximize returns and minimize risk.

BVV has now brought its portfolio management to the next level with help of CEPRES’ AI-based

Predictive Intelligence technology.  BVV will further benefit from the CEPRES Market Intelligence on 50-years empirical private market data, applying AI for macro shock testing on its own portfolio and on new commitment plans.

BVV administers pension plans for 761 member companies of the German financial services and banking sector which includes 491,000 employees and pensioners. With its growing capital base, BVV has a natural demand for highly professional investment processes.

With CEPRES, BVV can look through high-level investment data into the underlying portfolio and fund assets to ensure member’s capital is strategically allocated to drive better investing outcomes.

CEPRES is the world’s largest private market investment data ecosystem, providing proprietary and primary-sourced deal-level data for a user base of 6,000 LPs, GPs, and fund of funds. Via a confidential data network, GPs provide their LPs access to data on 12,000 funds, 112,000 portfolio companies, and more than $48 trillion in value. With better data at the core, CEPRES helps investors make true data-driven investment decisions and fulfill all linked portfolio management related requirements.

Alexander Kehl, Portfolio Manager Private Equity Investments at BVV noted “We work exclusively in the interest of our members — a basic principle that has proven itself to this day, and CEPRES was a natural fit for our investment team. CEPRES provides an unrivaled look through data access and more intelligent analytics insight into the growth drivers and therefore future development of our investments. This is the basis for our investment decisions in times of increasing volatility.”

CEPRES Founder & Chief Executive Officer Dr. Daniel Schmidt remarked, “BVV is one of the most significant investors in the world. We have worked together for many years, and we are delighted that BVV has extended the CEPRES technology focus into our Predictive Intelligence applications to help advance their mission of transparency in investing and to utilize innovative, smart modelling technology to back their decisions.”

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CEPRES is the first platform built for the age of digital transformation in private markets. Our investment data platform provides real-time and predictive analytics to unlock better investment outcomes and drive better, faster decisions. CEPRES clients leverage proprietary deal data and complete cash flows from the largest private market ecosystem, containing $48T in assets, 112K PE-backed companies, 12,000 funds, and 6,000 GPs and LPs.

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