Effortless Data Integration

Transform your data migration processes with the CEPRES/LeadingMile API

Our cutting edge API integration provides CEPRES data users with data accuracy and precision across third-party systems.

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Minimize risk and remove uncertainty with the CEPRES/LeadingMile API

CEPRES, in partnership with LeadingMile Consulting, now offers users a unique Open Integration Layer that enables CEPRES clients to integrate data from third-party systems into CEPRES’ Predictive Intelligence, a cutting edge portfolio simulation and tracking solution. The Open Integration Layer is pre-configured to connect system data structures to those of CEPRES, letting users of third-party systems seamlessly integrate CEPRES data into their current tech stack.

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Minimize risk and remove uncertainty

CEPRES portfolio forecasting enables investors and risk managers to optimize their asset allocations for any market condition, while complex portfolio forecasting and business planning enable the whole organization from CEO and risk manager to investment management to work collaboratively across all aspects of asset management.

Key use cases

Investment or Portfolio Managers

· Plan and optimize future commitments to achieve varying portfolio targets.

· Deliver cash flow forecasts of your existing and future portfolio to internal stakeholders and investors.

· Plan for receiving/providing bridge financings of capital calls

Risk Managers

· Evaluate the shortfall risk of future cash flows, especially when capital distributions should meet future capital calls.

· Conduct liquidity stress tests in their function as regulatory risk managers for AIFMs.

CEOs/CFOs/Partners of FOFs or Asset Managers

· Forecast success to assess fees to be paid by fund of funds or managed accounts.

· Evaluate valuations to assess sale or mergers and acquisitions of portfolios and/or companies.

· Evaluate and build collateralized fund obligations (CFO) and tranches with different seniorities.

IR Managers

· Showcase knowledge and investment fit to prospects in RFPs.

· Highlight diversification advantage for products and showcase alpha of product combinations.

· Furnish prospects with forecasts to support commitment decision.


CEPRES and LeadingMile Consulting Announce Innovative API Integration

The Open Integration Layer, developed in partnership by CEPRES and LeadingMile Consulting provides users with superior data accuracy and precision when migrating data from third-party systems.

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"Empowering our clients through seamless integration and precision-driven insights is at the core of our mission. Our collaboration with CEPRES exemplifies our commitment towards facilitating innovation and digitization for our clients in Alternative Investments"

Martijn Voorhaar, LeadingMile Founder and CEO

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