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What’s New at CEPRES: Smoother Navigation and Time Savings

We're excited to announce a range of enhancements we've been diligently working on. These improvements not only make navigating the platform smoother but also save valuable time for our clients. This article will guide you through the latest additions, from new simulation results pages to the addition of new custom historical fields, all implemented on the CEPRES platform.

Predictive Intelligence

Simulation Results Page

There are now 4 navigation tabs:

  1.  Simulation Inputs: In this tab, users can view the inputs used to run the simulations. Inputs can be viewed in either a tabular view or through the Universe view.

  2. Overall Simulation Results: Users can view the results of the simulations they run in this tab, including contribution, distribution, net and NAV. Results can additionally be filtered to allow the user to view more specific outcomes as results can be filtered by region and investment stage. For example, results can be filtered to only show North American buyout and real estate.

  3. Detailed Simulation Results: This tab allows users to view the breakdown of contribution, distribution and NAV year by year.

  4. Simulation Probability Distribution: View probability distributions in this tab, with the option of viewing percentiles such as P10, P90, Mean and Median in a graph format. Additionally, users can customise the percentile which will be visible on the graph as a red bar. The X-axis can be edited by setting the upper and lower bounds.


Detailed Portfolio View and Immediate Forecasting

Portfolio details are displayed in a table format on the page. Users are able to get graphs for immediate forecast of their portfolios by clicking the ‘Get immediate forecast’ button. The graphs will appear below the table containing their portfolio details.

Immediate forecast results can be filtered, for example by region and investment stage, to focus on more specific outcomes. Additionally, users can examine the breakdown of contribution, distribution, and NAV year on year. For example, by selecting the distribution chart and applying a regional filter, users can see the number of distributions in each region in their portfolio.

Analysis Builder

Custom Historical Fields

Users are now able to create custom field time series analysis in Analysis Builder. Using built-in aggregators, this time series can contain multiple custom fields which can additionally be grouped.

This update allows customers to visualize and analyze their historical data in more detail.

Latest Valuation Tailored to Cash Flow Timelines

Instead of the previous method of summing NAVs per Fund/Deal calculation, our latest update introduces the 'Latest NAV' as the aggregated sum of all NAVs. This ensures precision and relevance, providing clients with a comprehensive valuation tailored to their selected duration.

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