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What’s new at CEPRES: From Updated Dashboard Capabilities to a New Cash Flow View

Updates from release notes 5.46.0

We are pleased to share some updates we have been working on that not only enhance the platform's navigational ease but also contribute to time efficiency for our clients. From new platform capabilities to new onboarding flows, this article will take you through what’s new this month.

Platform update

Pin dashboards to left navigation menu

With this update, users are now able to pin custom dashboards enabling them to customize the menu on the left-hand side. This can be done by navigating to ‘Manage Dashboards’ and selecting ‘Pin to the left menu’ option from the '…' menu for the desired dashboard.

Unpinning from left menu can be done in two ways. The first is by navigating to ‘Manage Dashboards’ and selecting ‘Unpin from left menu’ from the '...' menu for the already pinned dashboard.

The second way is by quickly hovering on the dashboard on the left menu and selecting the ‘unpin’ icon.

Portfolio management updates

Forward PMR to colleagues in GP onboarding flow

For GP users on the new onboarding flow, a new option to forward requests is now available. It can be found by navigating to the ‘request details’ page. This feature allows GPs to forward (i.e. transfer the ownership of a request) to another user by inviting them.

Once a request is forwarded, the forwardee (i.e. the user invited by the original GP user) receives an invitation email that is similar to the original invitation email.

Fund Screener updates

New CashFlow View

Prior to this update, users were only able to view operating cash flows when they navigated to the ‘Cashflow’ page. Now, a new dropdown has been added to the page, which can be found in the top section, which is shown on the fly when selecting a data room that includes (Non- Operating CashFlow type). This new dropdown gives the user three view options to choose from: Operating Cashflows, Non-operating Cashflows, and Mixed Cashflows.

In the new Non-operating Cashflows view, withdrawal and deposits have been added to the fund and deal level. Users can switch between views and navigate to explore the amount, date, and summation per each cashflow type. Users can now sort, filter, and search per each view. Additionally, they are able to view the Non-operating Cashflows in the dataroom only on the ‘Show Dates Only’ view.

What impact will this have for users?

The new view won’t affect clients who do not wish to upload Non-operating Cashflows to their accounts. Therefore, this new change will only be visible for clients who have new non-operating cashflows as part of their account.

This change will allow users to view their cashflows in a more organized way, and additionally enable them to export in Excel.

Key impacts:

·      Data is filtered automatically according to the user's selection.

·      Data is summed up and users are able to view the summation amount of their operating cashflows, non-operating cashflows, and valuation. Each of these can be viewed separately.

·      Users can export data in three different views: Operating, Non-Operating, and Mixed.

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