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DealEdge: New Feature Highlights

Our DealEdge team has been working tirelessly to improve our user’s experience of the platform to elevate your experience and provide even more insights.

We are excited to announce that our most recent release includes updates which allow for more collaboration, further in-depth analysis and the addition of more deals to the DealEdge Universe.

1)     Share Reports to Collaborate with Colleagues 

DealEdge now allows you to share your custom reports with other DealEdge users. Once you have built a custom benchmark report containing specific charts, chart options, and filters, you can generate a unique share link for your report, which can be accessed and edited by colleagues. 

Users have full control over their shared reports meaning they can update them or remove them to stop sharing at any time.

2)     Advanced Multiples Trend Analysis

This release we introduced a new more advanced multiples chart providing insights into how EV/EBITDA and EV/Revenue multiples are trending.  With this chart users will see the last 7 multiples (i.e.: the 7 most recent multiples captured), compared to the most recent 50% of the sample, and the entire selected sample all in one chart.

This provides insights into whether deal multiples in a selected sample are trending upwards, downwards, or remaining stable.  The chart below illustrates the upward trend in EBITDA multiples in the Healthcare sector since 2010, with the median for the last 7 deals at 18.02x.

3)     Deal Universe Updates

We have added 200+ deals to the DealEdge Universe, taking our total deal count to approximately 48700 deals and 3500+ funds. In addition, we have added deal source data points for approximately 2200 deals, and deal exit routes for around 800 deals. Deal source and exit route data points enhance the ability to create benchmarks containing specific deal sources, for example sponsor-to-sponsor, carve-out, private company, or public-to-private deals, or deal exit routes including strategic sales, IPOs, MBOs, or sponsor-to-sponsors.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to providing you with the most powerful deal-level intelligence platform. We believe that these enhancements will not only streamline your workflow, but also offer deeper insights for more informed decision-making. 

Please don't hesitate to get in contact via if you have any questions. We value your partnership and look forward to hearing your feedback on these exciting new developments. 

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