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Accurate Data and Analysis Determine Investment Success

Demand for rigorous and in-depth analysis of complex investment strategies is growing exponentially. Different industries can differ heavily in their risk/return outcomes and various strategies will deliver varying degrees of success. Only those with access to the right data and investment analytics can effectively navigate this dynamic environment.

Investment data
Risk management
Portfolio insights
Fund performance
Fund of funds
Placement agents
Limited partners

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CEPRES and Qontigo are developing a suite of factor risk models that provide broad coverage of the private asset space in Axioma Risk, Qontigo’s enterprise risk management platform.


Private Equity Fund Strategies

In the early days of this industry, private equity was exactly what it sounds like: capital from private investors went to private funds, which then invested in private companies. Private equity was easy and straightforward.


Data: The Language of the Modern LP

What’s the first thing an LP does when they get your PPM or marketing slide deck? They turn to the track record page and check out your gross and net IRRs, and return multiples. Of course, returns are extremely important to LPs, but this is not the only concern of the modern investor.

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