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Private Markets: Lesson from a Crisis

Strengthen your understanding of private markets trends during global crises

In collaboration with the CFA and IMCO, we will look at the key private market trends over the last three decades focusing on the fund, deal, and company operating data. The webinar will also provide deep insights on return & risk drivers such as pricing, leverage, and value creation. We will cover private equity, private debt, and real assets with particular attention to global crises – GFC, Dotcom, and the current COVID-19 pandemic. In a panel discussion, we will share ideas on how to prepare for the worst and how to transform the current challenges into opportunities.

Date: 26th - June 2020 - 10 am EDT / 4 pm CET

Location: Online - Register Here

Headline: Private Market: Lesson from a Crisis

Who should attend: investment professionals - analysts to risk managers up to CIOs.

What the Webinar will cover:

• Review of key risk & return drivers of private markets • Private market trends in private equity, private debt and real assets • Observations on pricing, leverage and value creation • Liquidity trends including J-curve observations

What learnings you can expect:

• Strengthen understanding of private market trends, including during global crises • Obtain ideas on how to better monitor a private market portfolio • Learn about opportunities arising from global crises within private markets • Understand how private market data is monitored and presented from a leading platform • Hear from a global leading investor in private markets regarding how they are positioning their private market portfolios We look forward to seeing you at the webinar!

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