Forecast your portfolio to minimize risk and remove uncertainty

CEPRES Predictive Intelligence is an intelligent AI-based portfolio simulation and tracking solution that incorporates the future developments of single funds based on a unique forecasting technology for illiquid asset classes.

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Transform your portfolio forecasting with an intelligent AI-based portfolio simulation and tracking solution

See around corners

Measure future uncertainties and optimize asset allocations for any market condition. With just one click, run true Monte Carlo Simulations that create 100,000 scenarios based on more than 107,000 cashflows, P&Ls, and operating company metrics from PE-backed companies.

Scenario plan

Conduct macro-shock and liquidity stress tests to test your portfolio strategy and react to market conditions based on real fund developments and empirical market trends. Answer strategic questions, such as “How would my future investments react to a rise in interest rates? What happens if there is another worldwide pandemic?” And thousands more.

Minimize risk

Derive concrete probability distributions for every investment by forecasting cash flows, IRR/TVPI returns, NAVs, and more. Generate cash flow, return and valuation projections for portfolios of funds or direct deals to remove uncertainty. Transform private equity cash forecasting and cash pacing to manage your portfolio more effectively.

Optimize your portfolio

Plan investment strategies — including future investments — to reach your target NAV. Reduce the complexity of navigating correlation structures, stress testing and distribution assumptions. Compare old simulations against realized cashflows. Leverage an intuitive visualization of unlimited hierarchies and cross-investments across vehicles, funds, co-investments and more.


With more than 11,000 funds and 1,000,000 cash flows feeding CEPRES Predictive Intelligence, you get the most informed and accurate output, helping maximize returns while minimizing risk.


CEPRES has cash flow data, P&Ls and operating company metrics on 109,000 PE-backed companies, enabling you to leverage the largest, most granular private market data set to power better investments.


Leverage 50+ years of portfolio company cash flow performance as empirical evidence to make more informed investment decisions.

Simulating the future for investment, risk and regulatory compliance managers

All analysis applicable on the legacy portfolio (including future capital calls), future commitments of single funds or portfolios, combined legacy and future commitments. Full flexible planning suite via the CEPRES investment and hierarchy planner.

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Basic forecasting

  • NAV, year by year

  • Cash flows, year by year

  • Lifetime and year-by-year returns (IRR, TVPI, DPI)

  • Portfolio and fund pricing (vs. NAV)

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Optimization, planning and decision making

  • Portfolio commitment plans

  • Portfolio hierarchy and vehicle structure

  • Portfolio fee structures across the hierarchies (management fee, carried interest, clawback, preferred payments)

  • Use of bridge financing (impact on outcomes)

  • Secondary return evaluation and trading decisions

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Risk management and regulator requirements

  • Liquidity stress tests (e.g likelihood that future capital distributions meet capital calls)

  • VaR planning

  • Macro stress testing

  • Investment guideline tracking and control e.g does the commitment plan maintain investment limits

Drive exponentially better investment outcomes with CEPRES Predictive Intelligence.