Comparing Infrastructure Returns Between the Private and Public Markets

Private market investments in infrastructure continue to rise significantly as many investors turned to real assets and infrastructure in search of steady and predictable cash flows.

In this whitepaper, we assess the comparative returns of private market investments in infrastructure against public market equivalents, comparing the performance of two established ETFs — SPDR S&P Global Infrastructure ETF (GII) and Alerian MLP ETF (AMLP) — with comparable private market funds.

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15-year performance review

In this whitepaper, we perform a deep analysis of 558 funds classified as infrastructure funds within CEPRES platform.

From these general infrastructure funds, we took 125 European, 116 Northern American funds, and 200 global funds with a strategy closely aligned with the GII and AMLP ETFs. For each of these funds, we calculated the total value to paid in (TVPI) for every quarter between Q1 2007 and Q2 2022 and linked them into a time series of quarterly returns.

Over a 15-year review of performance, we show how private equity infrastructure funds and ETFs comparable performance tend to differ in the short and long run.

Comparing Infrastructure Returns Between the Private and Public Markets