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CEPRES + ILPA partner to improve due diligence quality and transparency

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The partnership between The Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) and CEPRES is based on a simple premise — investing in private equity should be transparent and efficient. This approach allows for a better understanding of the risk and return characteristics of private equity to propel smarter investment decisions and superior returns.

CEPRES provides ILPA members innovation to due diligence that puts decision makers in control of the analysis they need to make confident commitment decisions. All while delivering detailed track record analytics and benchmarking for private markets to help underwrite fund investments and direct/co-investments.


ILPA is a globally recognized organization that represents institutional private equity LPs

The Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) works on behalf of limited partners (LPs) to maximize their performance in the industry on an individual, institutional and collective basis by developing industry leading education programs and best practices, independent research, global collaborations and networking opportunities. LPs are the trusted financial fiduciaries who direct their beneficiaries capital into private equity investments. These beneficiaries include individuals such as pensioners, teachers, universities, firefighters, charities, police officers and insurance policyholders. ILPA is the only global organization that is exclusively dedicated to advancing LPs' interests, and today the membership includes some 450 organizations who represent more than US $24 trillion of private equity assets under management (AUM).

ILPA originated as an informal club of LPs and has since grown its membership to more than 4,000 professionals from more than 50 countries, who together manage 50% of the global private equity AUM. ILPA members come from various corners of the LP world and range from small to large institutions such as public and corporate pensions, foundations, insurance and asset managers, endowments, sovereign wealth funds, development financial institutions and family offices.

Unique benefits

Through this partnership, ILPA members access an exclusive version of CEPRES for free and can upgrade to premium versions at a significant discount.

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