CEPRES Axioma Private Markets Indices

Know what’s happening in the private markets today, not three months ago.

Learn how to invest, hedge, and advise on private markets with the same real-time knowledge and confidence as you do with public markets.

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Revolutionize Private Market Valuations with Real-World Precision

Current private market benchmarks available to investors are handicapped with long lag times and an inaccurate methodology based on subjective NAVs reported by asset managers. CEPRES, in partnership with Axioma Risk™ has developed the first real-time measurements of private markets performance, solving the lag effect caused by NAV benchmarks. Now, private market participants can invest, hedge, and advise on private markets with the same real-time knowledge and confidence as they do with public markets.

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Gold Standard in Private Market Data

CEPRES data is 'gold standard' private market fund and deal-level cash flow data that has been collected directly from our GP partners across multiple asset classes. CEPRES data is permissioned, aggregated, and subject to strict internal processes and agreements to ensure full compliance, as opposed to existing benchmarks that rely on publicly available sources.

Daily Index Methodology

The CEPRES Axioma Private Markets Indices measure the expected performance of private asset funds by leveraging factor risk models calibrated to public market data

The underlying methodology utilizes Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation to describe the relationship between public equity market factors and private funds. The approach permits CEPRES to provide daily calculations which are the key ingredients of timely market performance measurement.

Public market daily factors from Axioma Risk and the estimated risk exposures (betas) of each private market asset class fill the 3 month lag in order to project real time performance with a less than 2% tracking error historically from the actual index levels.

Why the Cash Flow Method is Superior

The CEPRES Axioma Private Market Indices utilize cash flow data and daily market factors that are objective and back-tested over 25 years with only a 2% tracking error.

Cash flows, which are based on calls and distributions, represent a superior approach as they are observable and verifiable. NAVs however, are subjective valuations on the value of funds and may not account for relevant market conditions.

Coverage for CEPRES Axioma Private Markets Indices

CEPRES Axioma Private Markets Indices currently cover 10 asset classes:

  • North America Buyout

  • European Buyout

  • Asia Buyout

  • North America Venture Capital

  • Global-ex-NA Venture Capital Ex

  • North America Private Debt

  • Global-ex-NA Private Debt

  • North America Real Estate

  • Global-ex-NA Real Estate

  • Global Infrastructure


An Introduction to Real Time Private Market Data with the CEPRES Axioma Private Market Indices

For more information and a more in-depth discussion on the methodology of the CEPRES Axioma Private Markets Indices, read An Introduction to Real Time Private Market Data: CEPRES Axioma Private Market Indices.

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Thought Leadership


Despite Macro Headwinds, CEPRES Expects Private Equity Valuations to Hold Up in 2023

Over the past four years, private market investors have confronted three significant macro shock events — the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and 40-year inflation highs. As the market faces intersecting headwinds of geopolitical instability, inflation and volatility, CEPRES evaluated how asset owners are managing their holdings.


Private Equity Exits Tumble to Decade-Long Low as Managers Hold Back

Private equity fund managers have sharply pulled back on sales of their portfolio companies this year, with exits from their strategies perhaps the most visible evidence of a weakening market that has seen declining valuations, slower fundraising and other flagging indicators.


Venture Managers Hit Fundraising Record, But Warning Signs Flash

New forecasting based on recent economic shocks predicts venture distributions to slow by 2024, deferring into later years, with the peak drop of 79% coming next year.

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